About Me



         "I have been creating art all my life, ever since I could hold a pencil. As a child, nothing excited me more than a sharp pencil and a fresh sheet of paper." 

                                          - Bethany Dilley

          Early on, Bethany developed a real love of painting, and thanks to, “the most incredible art teacher," she went on to graduate from the University of Missouri, Columbia, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1996.


          After taking time to raise her two children, Bethany chose to pursue a Masters Degree in Education. She was finally able to combine her original love of painting with her newfound passion, teaching. 


          Bethany takes inspiration from figures, landscapes, old buildings, animals, still lifes. But really any old excuse to put paint on a canvas will do. She follows no trends and no particular styles, although she does tend toward realism, especially in her watercolor works.