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Free Money: Artadia’s Unrestricted Grants Are All About Believing in Artists (Mon, 30 Mar 2020)
Each year the organization gives out three grants of $10,000 each to artists in six U.S. cities.
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No, We Are Not All Edward Hopper Paintings Now (Mon, 30 Mar 2020)
The alienation portrayed in his works can't be compared to the bizarre loneliness felt right now.
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The Legacy of Golam “Daddy” Kasem, the Father of Bangladeshi Photography (Mon, 30 Mar 2020)
One of the most arresting images in Drik’s exhibition of works from the archive of legendary Bangladeshi photographer Golam Kasem, known as Daddy, was a black-and-white shot from 1922 in which a woman is seen from behind, thigh-deep in water and wrangling a fishing net as a boat bobs in the background.
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Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist Proposes Massive Public Art Project in Response to Coronavirus (Mon, 30 Mar 2020)
The program would be akin to Great Depression–era New Deal work-relief programs.
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British Museum Defies Government Officials’ Advice, Appoints Mary Beard as Trustee (Mon, 30 Mar 2020)
Beard had reportedly been rejected for a spot on the board by former United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May.
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Prized Van Gogh Painting Stolen from Dutch Museum Closed Because of Coronavirus (Mon, 30 Mar 2020)
The work, dated to 1884, was made early in the artist's career while he still lived in the Netherlands.
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From Makeshift Studios to Webinars, the Art World Reinvents Itself Under Quarantine (Mon, 30 Mar 2020)
Artists and museum workers who have been affected by layoffs, furloughs, and closures are adjusting to new ways of life.
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Anonymous Was a Woman Creates $250,000 Emergency Coronavirus Relief Grants for Artists (Mon, 30 Mar 2020)
The program will release grants in total to at least 100 woman-identifying artists.
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